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("Improving Diversity in the Classroom", 2020), Fourthly, being raised in a culturally diverse environment prepares a student for his future. Further with such positive values comes the promising attitude towards life. Moreover, it is the subliming interests of such derogatory people that they favour and encourage the practise of racism in the present era also.

First of all, diversity in the classroom helps the students to understand that every culture, religion and person is equal. Not noticing or denying racism existence encourages other people to do the same; Media.

Undoubtedly, although racism is assumed to be less grievous compared to other global issues, it has continuously lagged most communities behind as it exists in different societal spheres.

Racism as a practise is very much alive today. Also, when the teachers treat and greet every student with the same positivity and smile, then the students also learn to adapt the same. As discussed above, racism in school is a common practise. (2020). According to research, diverse classrooms help in the building of strong intelligence and fabrication of improved learning outcomes. In fact, the very confidence and the unique characteristic of the person dies because of such derogatory remarks he receives from the people around. Their emotional mind and sensitive personality makes them prone to receiving comments from such negative minded people. Essay on Racism. Racism refers to the act of discriminating or looking down upon an individual from a different race. Essay Writing Service with over 7 years of experience. One very important value that education and schools add to the life of a student life is the ability to accept diversity.

So, if a student is raised in a culturally diverse environment in school, then it becomes relatively easier for him to adapt the same at his job space. Usually, children from certain races are considered inferior and not given the same resources as those considered from superior races.

It in fact makes him lose his self respect and he experiences a traumatic change in his mind and thinking. Black Progress: How far we’ve come, and how far we have to go.

(2020). Further, if the students accept this diversity as a normal part of life, then there would be no discrimination in the society on the name of race, culture, caste, or creed. ("Check out this UNESCO's Futures of education IDEAS LAB post: A future we can all live with: How education can address and eradicate racism", 2020), Thirdly, diversity in education makes the classroom a more interesting space for the students to learn in.

It is an important asset, which imbibes inside the students the values of equality and integrity. The various cultural backgrounds of the students fill the classroom with more positivity and power. These statistics might reinforce stereotypes that blacks are criminals, but they are in reality just victims of an extended system characterized by superiority and systematic discrimination. Sometimes, one might be denied a job because of his or her race despite having fulfilled all other requirements (Offermann et al., 2014). This ultimately leads to a lifetime feeling of inferiority in the person. Racial Discrimination in Society Introduction.

As per a research done, there are 7 factors which together contribute towards the making of America a racist society. The United States is known to have the highest number of incarcerated citizens compared to other developed nations. Therefore, it can be concluded that psychology and thought processes are the root causes of racism and we need to come out of this cycle to stop racism. But, the sad fact is that along with being a momentum of beauty, our world is also a place filled with imperfections. Order essays, research papers, term papers, book reviews, assignments, dissertation, thesis or extensive dissertations & our expert ENL writers will easily prepare a paper according to your requirements. It is explained like the failure to provide an appropriate and professional service to some people because of their skin color or origin. (2020). Moreover, it is the duty of the school organisation to teach their children the wrong and not encourage which support racism.

(2020). Skin color and the criminal justice system: beyond black‐white disparities in sentencing. Showing that you are weak, makes the other person stronger. Moreover, the habit of talking to people online takes away the very ability to form a personal connection. Shi, Young and Bucher (2013) observe that “racial discrimination in the workplace positively predicts an increased number of physical health problems among Filipino Americans.” The scholars also note that African-American workers experience higher depression rates owing to “being the token minority member in the organization” (Shi, Young & Bucher, 2013). Struggling to find some really professional service? They trigger loyalty and competition in group keeping white and black communities separated (this is based on historical reasons); Hierarchy.

Federal and state laws condemn racial discrimination in the workplace.

It mainly includes job and house problems, and crime. In fact, the students pass lewd comments to each other and degrade each other's personality. The existence of racial discrimination means that people are not productive as they ought to be, not active as they should receive a poor education, and sent to jail for the slightest crimes committed.

We often hear people saying that “these outsiders are taking our jobs”, “why our tax money is being wasted on these people”. The values which they gain from their educational institution stay with them forever. Shih, M., Young, M., & Bucher, A. You have probably faced these headings in the news when black people are attacked and even killed just for being black, etc.

(2020). The education sector is probably the most affected when it comes to racial discrimination. In actuality, it is becoming tougher for the present generation to do away with this discreteness because of the characteristic ideologies they have developed against the Black people. (2020).

This essay talks about the diversity in the classroom and how it is advantageous for the students and respective growth in their lives. Then, with age, it has grown to be a practise against humanity. (Thernstrom, 2020).

It also demotivates the future generations to see dreams of their likings forget living them. “What it means to be black in the American educational system”. This is why, most of the children choose to be quiet and keep on bearing the negatives in spite of the impact it has on them. Same ways when the children who are being subjected to racist attacks, cry, then the doer feels happy and satisfied.

It largely began with the conception of whites and blacks. (Anderson, Bulatao, Cohen & National Research Council (US) Panel on Race, 2020).

Even now, when we all try to avoid racism in our everyday life, some politicians and journalists promote such ideas to justify their actions and views on different issues.

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